Initial appointment

All new patients are recommended to start with 1-hour initial appointment, this gives the therapist and you to understand the whole picture, conduct an examination, treat you and devise a management plan.
If your condition is simple and only requires a 30 min treatment appointment still make an initial appointment but you will be charged accordingly.

Journey assessment

To progress your recovery forward we recommend 30 min appointments.  When dealing with recurring issues it will be more than sufficient.

Extended Journey assessment

To progress your recovery forward but dealing with a complex issue or 2+ body areas that require more time we recommend 60 minute treatment

In-Home Physiotherapy appointment

For homebound patients we’ll come to you. Our In-Home appointment is designed to get you the care you need in the comfort of your own home. Included is a safety assessment of your home in order to prevent falls during your recovery.
The experienced, compassionate, and dedicated physiotherapist at BBG Physiotherapy provide superior therapy for improved patient outcomes.

Rehabilitation Exercise classes

(Minimum 4 participants Maximum 8)
Once we have managed the main problem these classes are an option to rebuild a solid foundation for launching your activities from like; running, cycling, yoga, golf, fishing. Focusing on improving general strength, length and promoting specific muscle functions.

Chronic Pain Management

Is a complex condition that requires a holistic active approach. Many layers are addressed from lifestyle choices, belief and expectations formed, body function and muscle control.

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Sports Injury Management

Thorough the use of assessments your physiotherapist will determine an appropriate treatment with the aim for a speedy recovery. Addressing the causes of your injury while promoting exercise rehabilitation to reduce future risk.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

A personalised approach is taken addressing your fears, needs and goals with the focus to equip you with tools and skill to reclaim your health and quality of life.

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Pre and Post – operative rehabilitation

Carefully tailored rehabilitation before surgery sets you up powerfully for great post-surgical outcomes and quicker return to doing the things you love.

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Dry needling

A technique used by Physiotherapist to promote healing and pain reduction by needling tender muscles of the body.

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