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Goshka Alvary

Senior Physiotherapist

Hi there I’m Goshka Alvary

I am mother of two gorgeous head strong teenagers who keep me on my toes and I am a devoted hobby farm mum to all the beautiful animals that we own and care for.

I’m a lover of books, music and art and on occasion I dabble in watercolour and acrylic painting.

I am a woman who seeks growth and adventure. Loves having fun and showing off my terrible dance moves when I get the chance. My favorite style of dance is Latin and Boot Scooting. They really complement each other … right?

I am sometimes called ‘Ugg Girl’ as it’s hard to find me outside the comfort of my adored Ozzy Ugg boots.

I am a Physiotherapist and an Educator. Most days you can find me in my clinic treating patients one on one and running rehabilitation exercise classes.

I believe that expecting an external healthcare sector, (no matter what it is), to solve all internal health problems only delays recovery and keeps us in the ‘Sick Care System’ longer than necessary. I believe we need to be active and engaged participants in our own healing process.

My Mission and Passion in life is to serve through teaching. I teach and empower people how to take care of their bodies and guide their physical recovery alongside any treatments prescribed.

I am fortunate and blessed to be able to help people take charge of their health and demand their Body Be Great again, to start living the life they love and want.

This Indian Proverb resonates with me:
“A person with good health has 1000 dreams; a person without it has only one.”

I am passionate about teaching the tools that help people like you change focus and return to a life of your 1000 dreams.

Looking forward to meeting you at my clinic.