Are you off on a Road Trip? It’s the beginning of the school holidays and many people will be escaping the city for a relaxing getaway. Some of these getaways will include a road trip with many hours spent travelling in the car.

Goshka explains over these three videos how to alleviate muscle stiffness while driving, and the best stretches to do in a confined space. It is always better to pull over and have a proper break and stretch but if you can’t, then at least you have an opportunity to relax those tight muscles in the car.

The end goal is to always arrive safely at your destination, but if you can do it comfortably and with minimal muscle stiffness, then you’ll enjoy your holiday that bit more.

Road Trip Stretching for the Driver

Your spiky ball is your best friend when you are driving for lengthy periods of time. Remember to take it with you and use it on the meaty part of your lower back (away from your spine) and also underneath your hamstring. Watch this video where Goshka explains exactly how to use your spiky ball to ease aching muscles.


Road Trip Stretching for the Passenger

In this video, Goshka demonstrates how to effectively stretch your upper and lower back while being the passenger on your road trip.

Road Trip Stretches for when you pull over for a Break

If you can stop every 2-3 hours to stretch your legs, have a restroom break or cup of coffee, you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and with less cramped or stiff muscles. Take the opportunity to stretch your legs and back as they have been in the same position for quite a while.


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