Spiky Ball – Benefits

The Spikey Ball is a tool that we use in physiotherapy to help reduce muscle tension and aid myofascial release. By targeting tender, tight muscle areas it can aid in reducing pain levels, improve blood flow to the area, help reduce tightness and even improve joint range of motion.

First it needs to be said that there are many different techniques on how to use a spikey ball to release the hip. What I am sharing with you is what I teach and have found over the years to be most effective in releasing tight gluteal muscles and even help reduce nerve-like pain and symptoms.

Spiky Ball for Gluteal Muscle Release

You can view my YouTube VIDEO to see how this exercise and technique is performed.

Lay down on a flat surface (see my recommendation below) with your knees in a bent position, place the spiky ball underneath your hip area. It is important to place the ball in the meaty part of your bottom, not under your hip or tail bone.

Once the ball is in place the BIG tip is to not roll over it! Start this technique slowly and from a very relaxed position because once you start loading the ball with your knees, you will feel deep pressure and discomfort which will cause your muscles to tighten, and even give you the experience of wanting to get off. This is normal and why it is so important to load your weight very slowly.

As soon as you feel discomfort and your muscles tighten – stop there. Your next move is to stay on that spot while allowing your bottom to gradually un-clench, all the while trying to achieve relaxation. Hold this position for as long as you can tolerate it and have a goal to build up to 30-60 seconds.

Goshka’s Recommendation

Initially I recommend for this exercise to be done in bed, on a mattress (no mattress topper), as you will feel this technique. The mattress is a gentler way to gradually introduce your body to the Spikey Ball and once you are able to tolerate the pressure, you can move to the floor.

If your only option is the floor, start off by using a yoga mat or a rug, even putting the ball in a thick sock as they all can help to reduce the spike intensity for a beginner.

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