Full Range Shoulder Stretch

There are many reasons as to why your shoulder range of movement could be reduced. I often find when patients sleep on their stomach or sleep with their shoulder under their pillow, they can over time experience a stiff irritated shoulder. Sports like tennis that perform repetitive movements can also trigger the muscles around the shoulder joint and cause tightness in the ligaments. Sometimes light trauma as minor as a shoulder bumping into a door frame can cause discomfort that over time might reduce your range of movement.

“Around the World” stretching technique

You can view my YouTube VIDEO to see how this exercise and technique is performed. This shoulder stretch is a lovely gentle way to loosen that stiff shoulder joint. It gently allows all the shoulder ligaments as well as the tendons of the muscles to be guided through their full range of motion.

This stretch is performed with the affected arm on top and totally resting on the ground. The goal with this stretch is to stay relaxed as you drag your arm over your head. Try not to tighten up through the neck area and make sure your head is resting on a pillow or on the floor. Expect that some areas in the shoulder will be tight initially which might cause the arm to lift off the floor but do not force the hand back down, just allow it to lift on its own. As you repeat this five times you will find those areas will loosen and your hand will be closer if not on the floor.

How will I feel?

You may experience a tight feeling through the shoulder. Some discomfort is normal especially with your arm over your head but if you experience a sharp grabbing pain or ‘clunking’ of the shoulder as you move through the exercise, stop the stretch immediately and give your physiotherapist a call. There may be other issues that need to be addressed before full shoulder range of motion can be restored.

I love to do this stretch first thing in the morning and again in the evening after a hot shower. It’s a nice way to stretch that upper joint.

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