My name is Goshka Alvary and I grew up having experienced a vast diversity of cultures.

Early years

I was born and resided in Poland and at age 9, during the turmoil of Marshal Law, my family relocated to Mt. Magnet, a country town in Western Australia. A few years later, we found our way back to Perth and my travels continued throughout my 20’s where I eventually settled in New York, USA for 16 years.

While living in the United States, I dabbled in many adventures of self-discovery from modelling, waitressing, even acting for a while. As the years passed and maturity set in, I eventually owned my own personal training business and also worked closely with a Physical Therapist as an assistant in a very busy office. I had the opportunity to work closely with patients that had chronic conditions and it was through this work that I discovered helping people improve their quality of life was, and still is, my love and passion. This passion saw me pursue a career as a Physiotherapist.

My life today

I am very fortunate to wake up every day to a job I love and where I get to contribute to the well-being of my patients, empowering them to pursue their own dreams. My patients get a very personalized treatment approach that focuses on them and their goals that we achieve together.

My gorgeous family includes my partner and two teenage daughters and on the days that I’m not in the clinic you can find us walking our dogs around the neighbourhood, dancing, cycling or finding much pleasure from the WA coastline as we get to escape and enjoy the hidden secrets of WA. The simple pleasures of life like listening to music or reading a book while enjoying the gorgeous sunsets over the Swan Valley with a glass of wine are what I cherish most.

I would love to help you improve your quality of life and achieve your goals as I have in proudly opening my new practice Body Be Great. I offer a combination of techniques to suit your needs and my specialty is the ONERO treatment method for Osteoporitic issues.


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